Dental Imaging

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Dental Imaging Techniques

At Springfield Dental Care, we use a variety of different dental imaging techniques, from digital x-rays to 3D scans, to ensure the most accurate diagnoses are obtained and the most precise treatments are planned. The type of dental imaging technique used by our dentist may vary depending on the type of symptoms you have or the treatments you require. 

Digital X-rays

Our dentist uses digital x-rays to capture detailed, high-quality images of the teeth and jawbone to diagnose issues like impacted teeth or bone loss. Digital x-rays significantly reduce radiation exposure for our patients, and the dental imaging process is more efficient than with traditional x-rays. Within minutes, our dentist can view the images captured on a computer monitor, make a diganosis and begin treatment planning promptly so you don't have to wait hours or days for answers while in pain. To learn more about our digital x-rays or to schedule an appointment, contact our Springfield, Illinois, office today at 217-698-1717. 

Intraoral Camera

An intraoral camera is a small video camera that takes an image of the outside of the gum or tooth. The intraoral camera resembles an oversized pen. While simultaneously viewing a monitor, the dentist inserts the camera into a patient's mouth and gently shifts it about so that images can be taken from a variety of angles.

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We use nothing but the best dental imaging techniques at our Springfield, Illinois, office. To learn more about the various technologies used by our dentist or to schedule an appointment, call 217-698-1717 today.